The Missions Committee at NSBC has been involved in two areas in Burma (Myanmar) during the past several years.  One is the development of the village of Tuilang, where we have previously built a hydro-electric power plant, and are now investigating support for a health clinic there.  The other is funding to help build a Bible College in Mandalay.  We will continue to responsibly support these projects in the coming years, as needs and concrete plans emerge.

In addition, our church has successfully partnered with a local Baptist Convention there to sponsor leadership training for a number of years. As the political climate in Burma continues to change, we see this country as an important mission field for all aspects of ministry.


Tuilang Village Health Clinic


Money is currently being raised to build a health care center and birth clinic for the village of Tuilang in Myanmar, which has not had proper health care since it's beginnings.

  •  The village has limited health care support from the authorities. The closest government hospital is located at Tedim Myo, 4 miles from Tuilang Village. The  most common illnesses are diarrhea and malaria. The closest emergency room is two hours walking distance.
  • Limited health care has been carried out by NGOs through provisions such as cleaning/filtering water, toilet room cleanliness, and mosquito nets for protection and community safety.
  • Because of lack of vaccinations the village has suffered from two cholera epidemics, during which 93 people died. 
  • Women in the village give birth at home or at the hospital, if it is possible to transport them there. Because there is no health center or midwife located in the village, many children and mothers die in, before, or after childbirth.
  • Since the village was established, medical staff was only first provided by the government in 2016, when a midwife position was created. There is however no location for the midwife to live and work. The village is therefore working to build a health care center and housing for the midwife. (Currently the midwife is living in the next village and must travel the distance when needed.)
    Health Care History

    Due to lack of health care, many people in Tuilang have died over the years from many preventable diseases and illness, including:

    • Diarreha epidemics
    • Death during childbirth
    • Stillborn births and miscarriages 
    • Malaria
    • Dysentery 
    • Cholera

     The following budget has been set up for the project:

    Donations for this project are gratefully accepted. Please mark the bank transfer with "TUILANG" in the text/memo section.                                                                                                    

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