NSBC has been involved in Myanmar (Burma) over the past years in numerous ways.  We have funded annual leadership conferences for pastors, built a hydroelectric power generator in Tuilang (Pastor Pum Za’s home village), sent Pastor Pum Za to work in Burmese refugee camps in Thailand, and Pastor David has made three trips speaking at leadership conferences, churches, and a Bible school graduation.

Recently, the school in Tuilang has been expanded to include more students.  Teachers are having to come into the village to teach, but there is nowhere for them to stay, so they have to journey in and out every day.  We are helping to raise money to build a housing unit to house eight teachers, so they can give more time to the students and not have to spend time nor money traveling back and forth daily. 

Recently, the government supplied money for the materials to build the below health clinic where a midwife and assistant live and there is a room for deliveries.  We are wanting to now donate the money for the materials for teacher housing unit and for the village to partner with us by providing the labor to build the house for free.  If you would like to help support this project, donations are gratefully accepted, and you can send them to the following account: 8507.10.05467.  Please mark it “Myanmar Mission”.


Online donations in Norway

Using Norwegian nettbank, the only information that is required is the account number for the church:

- General account: 8507.07.07751

- Missions account: 8507.10.05467

Online donations from abroad into the general accounts, using IBAN/SWIFT:

- IBAN: NO74 8507 0707 751 -  BIC/SWIFT: DABANO22  -  Name of account: North Sea Baptist Church, Marknesringen 27A, 4052 Røyneberg