2017 Christmas Missions Offering - Lesotho/South Africa

Losotho is a small, poor, mountainous country completely surrounded by South Africa. An organization headed by a local pastor, Johan Meiring, provides food and medicine to hundreds of vulnerable, destitute, and orphaned children who otherwise receive no help or government aid.

Vulnerable children refer to those individuals who have no birth certificates and therefore no access to childcare grants from the government, because their parents have crossed the border illegally to find work, and then have died of HIV/AIDS or other diseases. The children are left orphaned, without papers or anyone to take care of them. They also include abused and neglected children. All these are children are left to fend for themselves in an extremely harsh and poor environment.           

In addition, most of the children served by this program come from child-headed households (where a child takes a parent role in caring for his/her siblings), which means that the circumstances are even more difficult. Johan Meiring’s organization is not funded and depends on the mercy of the society at large to keep their doors open. The world is full of resources and food is available everywhere and yet there is limited distribution and access to it. 

It costs a little over 2 kr. a day to feed a child through Pastor Johan’s program, or just 60 kr. a month to provide nourishment that these children desperately need. This year Pastor Johan writes that his donations have fallen off and he is only able to feed about 150 children at 3 locations. There are up to 500 children he has reached in the past, and he has 13 workers ready to help, but he needs more donations to buy the food and medicine. Pastor Johan’s organization also works to obtain the necessary government papers for these children so that they have hope for a future.

Our goal for this year's Christmas Offering is NOK 60,000, so that 100 more children can be fed and cared for during the next year. If you would like to donate, you may make a bank transfer to account 8507.10.05467 writing "Christmas Offering" in the comment section.        Link:http://www.touchmelord.co.za 

Tuilang Health Clinic

Tuilang village is in Chin-state, the poorest state in Burma/Myanmar. The closest Government Hospital is located at Tedim Myo, 4. Miles for Tuilang Village. The most and highest percentage of diseases is diarrhea and malaria. The closes emergency room is by two hours walking distance. Read more here.

School Supplies to Children in India

This year we provided school supplies to 350 poor children in the Idukki districts of the Kerala state in India. This was an outreach project of local pastors who are often persecuted in this area.  It was a way to personally touch families and build better relations with them, and make known the love of the church with non-Christians. Positive reports from this project have already been heard.

Compassion for Asia - Orphanage in Nepal

North Sea Baptist Church has supported the work of Compassion for Asia on a regular basis for several years.  Sudip and Anne Lise Khadka (who is originally from the Stavanger area) lead this organisation which has founded an orphanage, elderly home, and Bible college in Nepal, where Sudip grew up.  

Over the past years NSBC has sent funding to build a retaining wall at the orphanage which survived the earthquake and protected buildings there.  Our support has helped build churches in villages around Nepal.  We have even taken a mission trip to the Nepal where a group of our members worked on a playground for the children at the orphanage. We will continue to give support to them on a monthly basis throughout 2018 also. 
Link: http://www.compassionforasia.org


The Missions Committee at NSBC has been involved in two areas in Burma (Myanmar) during the past several years.  One is the development of the village of Tuilang, where we have previously built a hydro-electric power plant, and are now investigating support for a health clinic there.  The other is funding to help build a Bible College in Mandalay.  We will continue to responsibly support these projects in the coming years, as needs and concrete plans emerge.

In addition, our church has successfully partnered with a local Baptist Convention there to sponsor leadership training for a number of years. As the political climate in Burma continues to change, we see this country as an important mission field for all aspects of ministry.

Malawi - Bibles for Pastors

In December 2017 we bought 200 Bibles for pastors in Malawi.  Malawi is the poorest country in Africa and almost 40% of the pastors who work in the outlying areas do not have bibles. They often just copy bible passages in a notebook to read at the church, and most often have to share one old copy of a Bible with the entire congregation.  These Bibles were distributed at a conference sponsored by Fresch Ministries.

Burmese Ministry in Norway and Europe

NSBC supports the ministry work of Pastor Pum Za Chin (a NSBC member) to the Burmese communities and churches throughout Norway and some parts of Europe.  His travel costs are covered by a portion of the missions budget, and he is able to reach and minister to hundreds of Burmese nationals who otherwise do not have access to a pastor.

Educating Needy Children in Sierra Leone 

In 2016 our Vacation Bible School program raised money to help support needy children in Sierra Leone through the Kanhaug organisation. Kanhaug was founded by a local couple in Stavanger (Dennis Kanu and Elin Underhaug) and sponsors 30 needy and vulnerable children by paying for their education and following up with local team in Sierra Leone.                                                                                 Link:http://www.kanhaug.com/home.html 

Church Planting in Northern Europe

As part of the Northern LEAD Team of the International Baptist Convention (IBC), NSBC helps with the work to plant IBC churches in northern Europe.  We currently have a church plant in Berlin and are working on other ones.

Global Cooperation with Other International Churches 

NSBC actively supports the work of international churches through: 

  • the IBC, which multiplies and mobilizes international churches for Kingdom impact, financially and through our pastor’s participation on the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).
  • MICN (Missional International Church Network) which seeks to strengthen the international church movement for missional impact through our pastor’s participation on the ILT (International Leadership Team).

Our Global Missions Perspective

NSBC has had a missions focus over the past decade which has included various types of work and support to many other areas and countries around the world. We have done work either through financial support or mission trips in Colombia, Swaziland, Uganda, Poland, Greece, Albania, Latvia, Russia, and Bangladesh.  Also, our Awana ministry raises money to pay for children in Myanmar to attend Awana Clubs there, and our Vacation Bible School ministry raises money for different projects each year (in 2017 it was to provide clean water to people in Peru).


(Updated 12/2017)