Join Us for the 2019 Women's Retreat

Our Annual Women's Retreat is highly anticipated every year!

It is a special time of bonding, rest, fun, and spiritual growth.

If you are new, it is a great opportunity to get to know other women.

If you have been here a while, then you know how worthwhile it is!


We are looking forward to this year's retreat:



"The Good Portion"

March 22nd - 24th

at the Holmavatn Retreat Center


Keri Folmar is joining us as our guest speaker. She will be teaching from her book “The Good Portion – Scripture” and share with us how to immerse ourselves in God’s words, relish the truths of the Christian faith, while doing what we have been created for - to enjoy knowing God. 

Keri is the author of "The Good Portion - Scripture" and has a wealth of experience in teaching and encouraging women from all over the world to enjoy the scriptures.  She is also an acclaimed author of various inductive bible studies. She and her husband are currently serving at the United Christian church of Dubai.


Come for the whole weekend (Friday 5pm – Sunday 1pm),

or choose one night or just  the day on Saturday.

Costs include all meals and lodging:


  • 2 Nights, Double Room - 1600 kr/person

  • 2 Nights, Single Room - 2100 kr/person

  • 1 Night, Double Room - 900 kr/person

  • 1 Night, Single Room - 1150 kr/person

  • Saturday (no overnight stay) includes breakfast - 500 kr/person

  • Saturday (no overnight stay) excludes breakfast - 400 kr/person





Holmavatn Retreat Center