Essentials of Leading Worship


February 8th, 19:00 - 21:00




February 9th, 9:00 - 15:30



Today it is hard to imagine the (Evangelical) church without worship teams and their leaders. Over the past four decades, the influence of worship through music and song has expanded globally and has significantly influenced our corporate worship gatherings. Churches all over the world are singing new, expressive, Christ-exalting songs and many believers have started to see themselves as worshipers for the first time in their lives.


For those involved in worship ministry, an unwavering focus on the One we worship, a robust Biblical view on the principles of (leading) worship and a thorough exploration of our motivations to be active in worship ministry are of great importance. The Essentials of Leading Worship is a training designed for worship pastors and worship leaders, as well as for those aspiring to grow into these areas of ministry. The course consists of four sessions:


  1. The essentials of worship
  2. The characteristics & skills of a worship leader
  3. The task of a worship leader
  4. Building effective worship sets


The training will be given by René Dekker (Netherlands) who is pastor of Celebration Arts at the Evangelical Church of Bangkok, an international church in Thailand where people from more than sixty nations gather weekly to exalt Jesus Christ. René has been active in worship ministry for the past twenty years, including training and equipping worship leaders and worship teams.