Awana Club Structure

Club is held Wednesday evenings during the school year from 6:00-7:30pm.

Awana clubbers are divided into two groups based on age:

  • SPARKS – Kindergarten – 2nd Grade. Sparks work from their own books at their own pace with a focus on Bible memorization and Bible-centered activities.
  • T&T – 3rd Grade – 6th Grade. T&T also work at their own pace with a more in depth look at how to apply Bible teachings to their lives.

Awana club meetings are divided into three segments:

  • GAME Time – Organized, high-energy, team competition games help the kids release some energy while getting and keeping them enthused about Awana.
  • HANDBOOK Time – Awana training focuses on the importance of God and His Word, teaching the kids how the Bible, and the wisdom God placed in it, can be used throughout their lives. Each Clubber has a handbook they work through at their own pace and leaders meet with them individually to review what they have learned.
  • LARGE GROUP Time – LGT is a time of Bible study or a Bible lesson and also includes awards and recognition for handbook progress.

Take a look at how much fun we have in LGT: