Awana Club Details

What does Awana cost?

There is a 50kr per clubber due, payable one time per year. Also, handbooks, uniforms, and bags are for purchase during club meetings.

Awana Giving.

Each year we choose a program for the clubbers to make donations to. We teach them the importance of sharing our blessings with those less fortunate. In 2017-2018 we raised money to send children in Myanmar to a local Awana club through the Awana Go program.

What is a “Share”?

Awana shares are a form of money/credits. They will be given during the club night as motivation and reward. Periodically we will have "Awana Stores" where the kids can cash in their shares for toys.  This year the kids received credit for their shares to a local toy store.

Shares are earned as follows:

  • Attendance, Being On time, Wearing a Uniform, Bringing your Bible & Handbook
  • Bringing a visitor to AWANA (10 shares!)
  • Completing a handbook section with their leader
  • Parent noting in the handbook section that they helped their clubber study
  • Being on the winning team during Game Time.
  • Demonstrating Christ-like behavior during Awana. (To be awarded at the discretion of the leaders)