NSBC Letterhead



Core Values:

1. Christ-centered

2. Bible believing and teaching

3. Loving fellowship

4. Mission minded

5. Equipping every member of the family


To be a spiritual home for the English-speaking community in the Stavanger area.



Vision-Level BHAG:

That North Sea Baptist Church will be a household name in the Stavanger area’s English-speaking community, will find ways monthly to engage this community, and will actively assist in planting and/or growing at least 20 IBC churches by our sixtieth anniversary.  

Vivid Descriptions:

On its sixtieth anniversary, North Sea will still be known for its biblical teaching and love amongst its members.  By then North Sea will be a household name for everyone living in the Stavanger area.  It will be seen as a place to connect and be involved in the community.  Those who have moved away will still talk about North Sea, the familial feel of the congregation, how they grew spiritually, and the energization they felt being a part of the mission at North Sea.  All the while, the church will have been an active part of planting other international English-speaking churches, had members engaged in missions, and be seen as a role model to other churches within the International Baptist Convention.