The deacons at North Sea operate in two roles.  Firstly, they act as advisors and supporters to the pastor.  They fulfill a number of practical duties in service to the church body such as visiting the sick, serving Communion, assisting in hiring staff, and helping in various ministries.  

In addition to these deacon duties, they also serve as Trustees for the church.  Every organization in Norway is required to have a board of Trustees who are responsible for making sure the organization is run properly.  Because of this, they have additional responsibilities, such as making sure the finances of the church are in order, oversight of maintaining church property, and more.

Each of these men must be voted on by the church, goes through a serious interview process, and is accountable to one another.  These men are available if you need someone to talk to, have ideas for new ministries the church could start, would like to be involved in current ministries, or have questions about the church.

If you would like to contact them and do not have their contact details, please send an email to