North Sea holds to Baptist doctrine. We believe salvation to be by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that baptism is not required for salvation but is an act of obedience following a decision to follow Christ. We believe the only other ordinance we are commanded to observe is the Lord's Supper.

But our beliefs are so much more than the above. We believe the church should be a family and a home away from home. We believe that love should characterize how we treat one another and those outside the church. We believe that God has left us on earth to be on mission with Him, allowing Christ to have a profound effect through us on the world around us.

Because we believe that everyone who puts their trust in Jesus Christ is a part of one Church, we welcome believers from numerous backgrounds. We not only have Baptists but also Presbyterians, Methodists, Pentecostals, Church of Scotland, Anglicans, Catholics, and more represented in our church. Moreover, we know that every tongue will profess Jesus is Lord, and it is exciting that we often have over twenty nations represented in our church.

Please feel free to read through the following links to see more about what we believe and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Here you can find the belief statement of the International Baptist Convention, to which we belong: IBC Statement of Basic Beliefs

Here you can find our Constitution.

Here you can find our beliefs on Baptism.

Here you can find our beliefs on the Lord's Supper.

Here you can find our Complete Vision.